Glass Beach

Glass Beach

Fort Bragg, California

Closeup of beach glass Glass Beach

One cannot collect

all the beautiful shells on the beach.

One can collect only a few,

and they are more beautiful if they are few.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Glass Beach covered in beach glass

As I walked Glass Beach, a dream destination for beachcombers, this Anne Morrow Lindberg quote came to mind. This season of life is more about collecting memories than things. We said goodbye to our four-bedroom house five weeks ago. We are living in a 22-foot Winnebago. We have a minimal amount of belongings with us, and yet, the "stuff" feels too much most of the time. Why did we bring four dinner plates when we only need two? Why are there so many clothes in the closet when we wear the same things over and over again? Why do we have so much when we can happily get by on so little? Did I really think we would use the crockpot?

As my desire for material things wanes, my hunger for more experiences grows. I want to see more beautiful places. Hike more challenging trails. Open myself to richer experiences and deeper connections. The bucket list isn't getting shorter with each park we visit and each fellow traveler we talk to, it's getting longer.

Life ebbs and flows. Things won't always be as simple as they are right now. But walking across the beach of sea glass, marveling at the rock formations, and exploring the jagged shoreline with Jeff made it feel as though we could live in these moments, or ones like them, forever. I took a few pieces of beach glass with me, tiny shining reminders for the future of this time when less was more.

woman walking on Glass Beach
Glass Beach Fort Bragg, California

Rock formation Glass Beach


Glass Beach rock and beachglass

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