Hiking Whirlpool State Park

November 15, 2017

Niagara Scenic Parkway
Niagara Falls, NY 14303


Water is the driving force of all nature. 
Leonardo da Vinci 


Our plan was to make a quick stop, walk to one of the scenic overlooks, take a few photos and find nearby restaurant for breakfast. Instead, we hiked five miles in dress clothes. Amy was wearing heals. 


The upper level of the trail has a series overlooks with amazing views of the bright blue rapids and whirlpools of the Niagara River. We walked over two miles before reaching the 300 feet of stairs and trails that descend down into the gorge. 









At the bottom, we were met by large rocks, blue waters, and river glass! We talked with some local fisherman who told us about the gorge, rising water levels, and the recent rescue of a fisherman. 




 So many beautifully tumbled pieces of glass and pottery.


All dressed up! You can't see Jeff's dress shoes or my boots with 3 inches heels in this photo. 

The funny thing is, we had hiking clothes and boots in the car. 



If you're visiting the Niagara Falls area, we highly recommend adding Whirlpool State Park to your itinerary.  



Jeff's Beer Pick: Woodcock IPA 6.5% ABV 65 IBU Woodcock Brothers Brewing 









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