Hiking AT to Overall Run Falls Trail Shenandoah National Park

AT to the Overall Run Falls Shenandoah

Skyline Drive Mile 21 Parking Lot

Appalachian Trail to Tuscarora-Overall Run Trail

6.1 mile roundtrip

1694 elevation gain

"I always


great hopes."

Robert Frost

What is it about the promise of waterfalls that turns us into to crazy people willing to hike long distances up mountains on hot days?

When we arrived at Shenandoah, the ranger working at the booth asked us if we wanted some information on hikes. He was gave us several maps for hikes in the area of Skyland Lodge. He said that this trail had the most beautiful waterfall in the park. That was all we needed to hear.

We finally reached our destination. Excitedly and expectantly we walked to the edge of the lookout and stared across the valley. Umm… WTH? Where is the waterfall? "Over there," pointed a fellow hiker. The waterfall… the most beautiful waterfall in the park, was a trickle of water 300 feet across the valley that we had to squint to see. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

It's right over there.

After our initial disappointment over the waterFAIL, we realized that what the lookout lacked in water, it made up for in views.

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