Hiking Penitentiary Glen Reservation

8668 Kirtland Chardon Rd

Kirtland, Ohio

"Within ourselves

there is a deep place

at whose edge

we may sit a dream."

- Lehrman

We are lucky to live in a county that has so many amazing parks.

It’s honestly hard to pick a favorite Lake Metroparks park, but Penitentiary Glen Reservation is definitely in the top 3!

Its name comes from the fact that the deepest parts of the gorge are difficult to get out of, much like a prison penitentiary.

The park was originally the summer home of Halle family, owners of the Halle Bros. Co. in Cleveland, Ohio.

Along the trail, there are remains from their pool, old bridges and stone housing foundations.

Pen Glen, as we affectionately call it, has woodland trails, wetlands, gorges, a nature center, an incredible play area, a miniature steam engine trail and railway, and a wildlife rehabilitation center.

It’s close to our house and a go-to hiking spot for us.

Here are some photos from our hikes.

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