Biking Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

Glen Arbor, MI

"Life is a great adventure…

accept it in such a spirit."

Teddy Roosevelt

The Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail, when completed, will be a 27 mile non-motorized trail through the Lakeshore. The first 4-mile section of trail connecting Glen Arbor to the Dune Climb opened in June 2012. As of 2016, 16.8 miles of trail are complete. The trail has some steep grades and beautiful views.

This section of the trail saw heavy tree damage when 100 mph winds ripped through Glen Arbor in August of 2015.

Jeff's boss doesn't like gnomes, so naturally we were thrilled to find a large garden of gnomes we could photograph. He "loved" all the gnome photos Jeff sent him.

Beautiful Lake Michigan

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

Jeff's Beer Pick: Summerjuice IPA ABV 7.6% 94 IBU by Grand River Brewery

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