Staying at Strong Cabin in Lake Metroparks

Strong Cabin

1189 Spear Rd

Painesville, OH

“And into

the forest I go,

to lose my mind

and find my soul.”

John Muir

Strong Cabin is one of two cabin rentals offered by Lake Metroparks.

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway with family or friends, this is the perfect spot to sit by the fire, and relax, have fun surrounded by nature.

The drive to the cabin is at the entrance to Hogback Ridge Park. There’s a locked gate at the entrance to the cabin’s long, private, twisting drive. You can’t see the cabin from the park’s entrance.

The cabin is big and charming. It overlooks a large lake. There’s a nice living room

with a stone fireplace. There was enough wood for the entire weekend in the holder by the fireplace.

There are two bedrooms in the cabin. Each one two sets of bunk beads. Since it was just the two of us, we brought our queen size air mattress and slept in the living in front of the fireplace.

The kitchen has everything you need. There's a coffeemaker, water cooler, a refrigerator, oven, woodturner, microwave, and all the mugs, glasses, and utensils you might need. Not pictured is the bathroom that's off the kitchen. It has a small bathroom with a flush toilet and sink. It doesn't have a shower or bathtub which is kind of a bummer because we would love to rent this cabin for a week.

The living room has adirondack chairs, a futon, a radio, and fireplace. There was more than enough firewood for the weekend.

There's a large outdoor area with picnic tables, benches, and a campfire ring.

Can you believe this sky?

We brought pizza with us and heated it over the fire.

We spent a lot of time sitting here watching the water ripple.

We LOVE Lake Metroparks.

We enjoyed a sunny day with temperatures reaching near 70 degrees. It was the third week in January.

You have to look closely to see the cabin nestled behind the pines.

We hiked from the cabin to Hogback Ridge.

BYOML Bring Your Own Manly Lights. These are actually called fairy lights, but Jeff insists on calling them manly lights.

We unplugged for the weekend, only using our phones to take photos and play music. We didn't check Instagram or Facebook. We didn't read the news. We talked and hiked. We laughed and played Yahtzee. We went from the fireplace inside to the fire ring outside. It was the perfect weekend getaway, and pretty close to home.

Strong Cabin Rental Information available by calling Lake Metroparks.

Jeff's Beer Pick: Hopslam by Bell's Beer

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