Biking The Allegheny River Trail

The Allegheny River Trail

Franklin, PA

"Every time I see

an adult on a bicycle

I no longer despair

for the human race."

H.G. Wells

The Allegheny River Trail is 32-miles long and runs along the Allegheny River. It's part of the rails-to-trails system which

has turned old railways into bicycle trails.

The Trail begins in Franklin and goes south to Emlenton. Farther south, a disconnected section of the trail runs 3 miles between Foxburg and Parker. Road riding is required to reach that section of the trail.

The trail has two long, dark tunnels. The Kennerdell Tunnel is 3350 feet long and the Rockland Tunnel is 2868 feet long.

Bike headlights or headlamps are necessary for both. The length and the curves of the tunnels make them completely dark, really fun, and a bit disorienting to ride!

The Sandy Creek Trail connects with the Allegheny River Trail five miles south from the Franklin Trailhead, at the Belmar Bridge. There are stairs and a bike ramp to reach the Sandy Creek Trail. See our post on that trail below.

We got engaged on the trail at this little camping spot by the river.

We quickly realized that the "bikers welcome" sign at this bar in Emlenton was for motorcyclists, but we were thirsty.

After biking the Allegheny River Trail, we have dinner and spend the night at the Quality Inn and Conference Center, in Franklin. It's a great little hotel.

Jeff's Beer Pick: Fat Tire Amber Ale and Slow Ride Session IPA from New Belgium

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