Paddling the Chagrin River (Or Not)

August 25, 2017

Launch: Rogers Road, Gates Mills, Ohio

Takeout:  Daniels Park, Willoughby, Ohio 


Rivers know this: There is no hurry.

We shall get there someday." - A.A. Milne 





 Unless we missed something, the Rogers Road River Access area is less than ideal for launching. We had to carry the kayaks    from the parking  lot, across the road and down a path to the river. 


  This photo was taken after we walked our kayaks through a long, shallow stretch of water near the launch site. 




 This is where we stopped to have lunch, and where Jeff might have enjoyed a beer if he had brought one. 


  This landscape is so cool and was a highlight of the trip. 


Ever wonder what it's like to paddle the Chagrin River between Squire's Castle and Daniels Park? It's shallow.  Way too shallow to make it down river without a lot of swearing, without a lot of getting in and out of your kayak, without a lot of repeatedly thrusting your body back and forth to help get over rocks. It's so shallow you might end up with lots of bumps and bruises on your calves and shins from your boat bumping into your legs every single time you had to get out and pull it over rocks. 


There wasn't much online about paddling this section of the river and now we know why.  It's next to impossible during normal river conditions. This stretch of river took us almost five hours of paddling.  And by paddling, we mean cursing, sweating, and working harder than we like to work when we're out on the water. We walked the kayaks on slippery, uneven river rocks more than we paddled. 


We ended up calling someone to meet us at Daniels Park. Our original destination was Chagrin River Park, but after five hours we were done. This isn't an area we'll attempt again unless the river is a foot or so higher.   This was an adventure that was more of a misadventure, but something we'll look back on and laugh about for awhile, especially the the part of the trip when a female kayaker passed us and yelled out to Jeff, "Are you a Wallace?" 


Jeff's Beer Pick:  Primus Pallidus Pale Ale Brim Kitchen and Brewery 




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