Paddling Glen Lake

October 8, 2017

5716 S Lake St

Glen Arbor, MI 49636


"If there is magic

on this planet

it is contained in water."

Loren Eiseley 


This isn't the Caribbean. It's Michigan.  MICHIGAN. We couldn't believe it, either. 



Not much we can say about Glen Lake except that it's clear and blue and perfect. We paddled and swam and said "Can you believe this water?"every few minutes.   Amy, who's usually much better at following the rules than Jeff, had to hide a beer under her skirt when the water sheriff stopped by to see if we had our life jackets on our kayaks. 








This is truly an amazing place to paddle with great views of Sleeping Bear Dunes.  



After paddle hydration (or during): Diabolical IPA by North Peak Brewing






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