Paddling the Allegheny River

Allegheny River

Launch: Big Bend Access

Route 59, North of Warren, PA.

Rivers know this: there is not hurry.

We shall get there some day."

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Overnight Trip: Big Bend to Wildwood

Amy refuses to get into another boat with Jeff after the great canoe capsize-castastrophy of 2014.

RIP Nikon camera, iphone 5, Jeff’s pride. As a result of that very expensive trip, we purchased two single sit-in kayaks.

Most people who are new to kayaking don’t go on a 28-mile overnight paddling trip their first time out.

We are not most people.

We launched our brand-new kayaks at Big Bend Overlook by the Kinzua Dam.

We were met there by two staff members from Allegheny Outfitters

who shuttled Betty White (our Nissan Xterra) to Wildwood, our paddling destination.

AO Outfitters gave us some landmarks to look for, advised of us some small rapids up ahead,

a hydraulic whirlpool to steer clear of, and a good island for camping. They have a great river guide which we’ve since purchased.

The river was moving pretty fast and we made our way to the island a lot sooner than we expected.

We set up camp, gathered firewood, ate dinner and drank beer.

This will forever be known as the trip and time when Jeff converted Amy to a hophead.

We're talking to you, Founders All Day IPA.

There is something amazing about falling asleep in a tent on a river in the middle of nowhere.

It was so quiet and peaceful right up until the deer dove into the water and swam across the Allegheny

like he was the Michael Phelps of wildlife.

We spent our second day making our way down river, stopping twice to get off of the water because of thunder.

It rained quite a bit, but there wasn’t anything that could dampen our excitement. This was our redemption. Only a week earlier, on what was supposed to be our virgin trip, our kayaks were lying on the side of Route 90. Turns out you can't just tie kayaks to the top of an SUV. This might be a good time to point out that this was Jeff's idea. But all that was behind us now. We were real yackers.

Maybe OPI should change the name of this nail polish to muddy river bank.

We pulled into Wildwood super impressed with ourselves for not missing the sign,

and also pretty impressed with AO that Betty White was right where they said she’d be.

​What an awesome adventure. To purchase your Allegheny River Guide, or to schedule your own Allegheny River adventure, check out!

Jeff's Beer Pick: Founders All Day IPA

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